Advertising Fails.

We have all seen it happen before. Many big companies that spend millions on marketing coming up with some marketing campaign that makes you scratch your head and wonder how that got approved.

1. DiGiorno Pizza

Tweet Written by Digiorno Pizza.

DiGiorno pizza decided to jump on a currently trending hashtag conversation on twitter not fully understanding the context of the hashtag. The hashtag #WhyIStayed was ment for women that where in abusive relationships to help voice their reason for why they stayed with their abusive partner.

This media disaster could have been easily avoided if someone did some research on what the #WhyIStayed hashtag was ment for. Instead they just hopped on the bandwagon and the consequences where harsh.

2. Playstation Portable

Racisit billboard to promote white PlayStation Portable.

In 2011 PSP launched an ad campaign to advertise the new release of white Playstation Portable. To advertise the release Sony released a number of billboard, subway and print ads that displayed a white women dressed in all white that looked to be assaulting a frightened looking black women dressed in all black. How sony thought that people would see this ad and think of the psp instead of the injustices against african americans is beyond me.

This ad caused a lot of terrible pr coverage from media outlets all over the united states. Along with the bad PR coverage Sony also received thousands of angry emails from people who thought that the ad was very racist and very inappropriate.

In response to all the negative emails and PR coverage Sony released a statement saying”The marketing campaign for the launch of the White PSP in the Benelux focuses on the contract between the Black PSP model and the new Ceramic White PSP model.” This was Sony’s way of saying deal with it.

3. Absolute Vodka

Absolut Vodka Ad released in Mexico

Abosulte vodka released an ad in Mexico that featured a map of the US and Mexico as they where in 1848 before the Mexican-American war which was plastered with the slogan “In An Absolut World.” While Absolut thought that this ad would be a good edgy and eye-catching ad, many people did not see it the same way.

Was Absolute trying to suggest that mexico would take back their land or that the war should have ended differently. Thousands of Mexicans were very angry with this ad. A related PR agency tried to defend this ad by saying, “Mexicans talk about how the Americans stole their land, so this is their way of reclaiming it. It’s very relevant and the Mexicans will love the idea.” Reclaiming it by getting drunk on Absolute Vodka does not sound like a very good idea.

Even with the week PR defence thousands of mexicans decided to boycott Absolute and many of them took to social media to speak against the brand and voice there opinions.

I believe absolute should have used a recent map and used the slogan ” Make the world Absolute!”


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