Week 07 – Scenarios and Storyboards.

George Newton hiker john

George Newton (Persona 1)

Hammy (Site Persona)


INT George living room – Day

GEORGE Newton, a 34-year-old man sits at his dining room table drinking his morning coffee and reading articles on his favorite hiking blog Master Hiker. He just finishes reading an article about new hiking trail near him. As he looks through the blog he comes across an article titled 5 great ways to bring comfort on your hikes. He reads through the starts to scan the article I notice a cool locking inflatable hammock. After reading what they had to say about it. He becomes very interested about the inflatable hammock and decides to do some research on it. He followed the link in the article to the AeroNest Website.


Enter your email to get 10% off your next purchase!


Ok, that’s awesome! Every penny counts!


Thank you! A 10% coupon code will be emailed to you. Use it at checkout. Buy Now?


No, I want to learn more about your product


Check out our FAQ section to find more about our product.


Ok thanks.

He navigates to the FAQ page. He scrolls through all the questions.


Sign up for our newsletter and get 5$ off INSTANTLY!


What! Another coupon that’s awesome.


Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter. A coupon code has been sent to your email. Want to buy now?


Sure Can pass up all these discounts

George then goes through the purchasing process and 5 days later her AeroNest inflatable lounger arrives­­­


Jessica Jones

Hammy (aka Site Persona)

Jessica Black (aka Persona)



Jessica is at her desk, looking at the pictures she took at the rave she went to last night. She is looking at the picture of her sitting on Henry she laughs and decides to post it to her Instagram account. She posts the photo and decided to look pictures other people posted to Instagram from the event. As she scrolling the page she sees an ad for an inflatable hammock company with a picture of a woman sitting on an inflatable hammock like the one she had seen the night before at the rave. She clicks on the link to go to the AeroNest Instagram account.


Bring Comfort where ever you go!

Jessica starts to go through their account. She sees pictures of people using the AeroNest inflatable hammock all over. She clicks on one of the photos of a man on the hammock in the pool and the hammock was floating


That’s Right the AeroNest can float!


That is So cool I wonder what else this thing can do?


Find out more about our product by following the link in our description.

Jessica clicks on the link and gets brought to the company’s website.


AreoNest the best inflatable hammock on the market!!

The home page has a slide show of pictures of satisfied customers using their product all over the world. She went to the description and learned more about the product. She thought it looked pretty cool and it would be better than sitting on the ground at raves. She decides to search social media to see what other people are saying about the AeroNest Air Lounger. She searches Instagram for the #aeronest to find what customers are really posting. All the images that come up are people raving about how much they love there AreoNest air lounger. After seeing all these happy post, she decides to buy one she navigates back to the websites and purchases an AeroNest air lounger.

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