Week 08 – Style Guide

Style Guide

Content Types

  • Blog Posts
    • Sample:
  • Twitter Posts
    • Sample : Bring comfort where ever you go with Air Nest the best inflatable hammock on the market!
  • Facebook Posts
    • Sample :
  • Marketing Campaign
    • Sample: Bring Comfort with you where ever you go.
  • Testimonials
    • Sample: Carvana started as a means to disrupt the current car-buying experience. It seeks to connect auto-makers and consumers in a much more direct approach, without the need for unnecessary middle-men.
  • FAQ
    • Sample: Q: Where can I bring my air nest? A: AirNest is light, portable, and weighs only 3.2lbs so that you can grab it in its’ carrying case, and take it with you to the beach, park, festivals, concerts, sporting events, or even just the backyard to lounge around in. We have engineered it to be made of a durable and strong parachute nylon that gives superior strength and versatility for any terrain.
  • Automated e-mail responses
    • Sample: Thank you for your interest in Air Nest! A human will be reading this soon and will get back to you as soon as possible!
  • Website language
    • Sample (Landing Page Description): Meet Air Nest! Order yours today.

Voice and Tone

The voice of the website is informal and friendly. Complicated words should be avoided for a more accessible vocabulary.

Spelling and Grammar Standards

  • Use of contractions is acceptable
  • Don’t use slang
  • Capitalize all proper nouns

Social Sharing:

Always reblog, retweet any positive interactions from Airnest. Post images of happy customers and employees alike. Take care to address any negative reactions to Carvana. Be specific in the response.



  • Good Landing Page

  • Lots of social sharing

  • Good reviews and customer feedback on amazon

  • High build quality product

  • Wide selection of color


  • Lack of Presence on Social Media

  • Not international

  • Small Business

  • Low supply

  • Low sales

  • Underdog in Market


  • Large Market

  • Ability to grow

  • New to the game

  • Good Reputation


  • Lots of Competitors

  • Competitors are international


Goals to Increase Reach

  • Gain Inbound Links
  • More writing for company in blogosphere
  • More infographics
  • Get reviewed on more websites
  • Increase in social sharing
  • Increase Likes/Followers
  • Create more Informative Videos
  • Increase social media Interaction
  • Start a contest

Goals to Increase Acquisitions

  • More site visitors
  • Reviewers Direct consumers to our product
  • More free Advice (how to guides)
  • Better Product descriptions
  • Better Set up instructions
  • Consumers quickly convinced that we will take care of them

Goals to Increase Conversion

  • More user sign ups
  • More sales
  • Better Reconition on social media
  • More retailers contacted us to carry our product
  • More corporate orders




Week 06 – The Company


Air Nest was founded by an avid hiker and traveler. We understand the importance of cultural exchange and connection to nature. We wanted to bring a product that travels with you to the remote corners of the earth that you know will benefit this world. For every Air Nest Sold we will donate/plant 1 tree.


Air Nest Inflatable Lounge


2020 Main St. Ste a5. Wailuku, HI 96793

Position in Market

Under dogs