Interview – midterm


  1. Pokemon Go
  2. Pokémon Go has become a huge hit in the last month. It is getting people off their couch and out into the world. Users get so immersed in the game that they stop paying attention to anything else. But what makes this game so interesting that people will stop paying attention to there surroundings?
  3. Journalism Questions
    • Who plays Pokémon go?
    • What about pokemon makes you want to go out?
    • When you play do you pay attention to your surrondings?
    • Where do go to play Pokémon go?
    • Why do you play the game?
  4. Goals
    • Find out what age groups play Pokémon go.
    • Find out why has the game done so well and attracted so many people.
    • Find out where are people playing.
    • Find out what people don’t like about the game.
  5. Interview sources
    • Avid Pokémon go player Bubba Robinson
  6. Fact sources
  7. Content type
    • Pokemon Go. Blog
  8. Marketing Messages
    • Get up and Play
    • Pokemon is a good way to get active and have fun doing it.
  9. Technical Consideration: word press